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Horse Riding Trails

The more than 15 miles of horse trails at the Park offer scenic views of the former Olympic Endurance Course, and wind through wooded areas blended with open pastureland and streams. Varied trail lengths and links between trails allow you to choose your route and tailor your ride. The course is open for public riding and organized group trail rides. Trails are a great way to enjoy a day of trail riding and explore the natural beauty of the park.

Bring your horse and enjoy your day! Trail entrances are identified with a shelter that houses a large map of the trails as well as individual maps for you to take on your ride. Trail riders are asked to remain on the trails and in trailer parking areas. Please avoid riding in or near equestrian arenas or special event areas. These areas are reserved by individual groups, and trail riding in or near these areas may pose safety concerns.

Trails are open from daylight to dusk. On occasion, trails may be closed due to other events occurring at the Park. Please make sure you check the calendar of events on this website for dates the trails are closed.

All horses on Georgia International Horse Park property, whether for an event, trail ride or other purpose, must have proof of a negative EIA issued by a licensed veterinarian within the last twelve (12) months. Further, anyone with a horse on the premises must abide by all Georgia Department of Agriculture rules and policies, including, but not limited to, the prevention of equine infections disease.

There is no fee to ride the trails for passive recreation. Fees may apply for organized trail rides during events.

Trailhead Locations

Primary Horse Trailhead:
Blue Parking off of Mane Street

Secondary Horse Trailheads:
Bald Rock Meadows

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