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Rockdale County Master Gardeners, a volunteer group of citizens interested in plants, beautification and horticulture projects, is a division of the Rockdale County Cooperative Extension (4-H). Cooperative Extension partnered with the GIHP in 2005 to locate a memorial arboretum (“garden of trees” in Latin) on the GIHP grounds.

The 5-acre patch of woods is maintained by the Master Gardeners and posts and plaques can be found dedicating particular trees within the area to deceased loved ones and friends. There are approximately 37 species, including the rare swamp chestnut oak, within the arboretum.

Anyone interested in erecting a memorial may do so by either adopting an existing tree or planting a new one through the Master Gardeners. Further information on the Rockdale County Master Gardeners Program may be obtained by calling 770-278-7373. For tree dedication information, call 770-371-8147.

Arboretum Brochure

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