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Entertainment Schedule

2019 Entertainment Schedule

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Stage 1:

10:00AM Opening Ceremonies with MC Rob Clark
Introduction of Conyers Cherry Blossom Pageant Winners
National Anthem

10:30AM UMAS Karate

11:000AM Sanggar Lestari Indonesia

11:30AM Antlanta Sangerkreis-German Folklore

12:15PM Ashley Walls

1:30PM Apostles of Bluegrass

3:00PM International Folklore Group

3:30PM Aikido School of Self Defense

4:15PM Headliner: Joe Lasher

Stage 2:

10:00AM Washington Community Center

10:30AM Drake Irish Dance

11:00AM The Arts Barn Cloggers

11:45AM Reid Soria

12:15PM Peachtree Academy

12:45PM Sole Momentum Cloggers

1:30PM Peach Pits Square Dance Team

2:30PM Chick-fil-a Team Dance

2:45PM Vagablonde

Sound Garden Stage:

11:00AM Brien Engel/Glass Harp Music

12:00PM Zack Falls

1:45PM Yvette Daugherty

2:45PM Summer Hall & Co.

4:00PM Danielle Christie

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Stage 1:

10:15AM UMAS Karate

11:00AM Celtic Themed Music, Georgia Renaissance Festival

11:30AM Native Heart

12:15PM Flamenco Dance, Julie Galle Baggenstoss

1:00PM Traditional Japanese Dance

1:30PM Mahealani's Polynesian Entertainment

2:15PM Aikido School of Self Defense

3:00PM International Folklore

3:30PM Highlighters-Instructional Line Dancing

3:45PM Headliner: Jonah Riddle & The Carolina Express

Stage 2:

11:00AM Salem Theatre

11:30AM Rockdale Cheerletics

12:00PM DeKalb School of Arts-Flamenco Dance

12:30PM Simply Unique Cloggers

1:00PM Megan Fowler

2:30PM The Heard

4:00PM The Old Soles

Sound Garden Stage:

11:00AM Ashley Carson

12:00PM Bill Long

1:15PM Ellen Edwards

3:00PM Ethan Schloss featuring Gina Cullen
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